Everest is a study in character and atmosphere. It's inspired by a talk from David Rosen and atmospheric games like Journey and Abzû.

 I had two aims with Everest.

  1. Create a character controller following David's process, having the control be simple and intuitive and the character visually react to the physical environment.
  2. Craft a small environment that feels atmospheric and alive.

 This was mostly a personal experiment, so there isn't much gameplay but I thought I'd share it anyway.

Hint: You can hit Z in game to create a ragdoll and get a new character.

Let me know how you felt about Everest with a comment.


everest-win64.zip 67 MB
Version 6 Aug 23, 2019


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Right shift needs to be mapped to diving as well. I found the mouse control to be way too sensitive and I also couldn't look as far up as I would have liked - especially when you get closer to the mountain. I really liked the behind-the-scenes exploration/explanation. The particle effects (presumably) slowed down the frame rate noticeably on my computer. It's an interesting start to a theoretical exploration experience.

Hey Mandy, thanks for trying it out!

Good catch on the Right Shift, I've added that in the latest build. Will give mouse sensitivity more thought in the next prototype :)