A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In every rope's heart is the desire to acquire street cred. Help this rope tag the city.

Explore your way around and draw street art.


  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • Space to jump
  • Press right click to dash forwards
  • Press and hold left click to grab spray cans ... release to let go.
  • Aim at green cubes to swing. Press and hold left click to jump to them ... release to push off.


  • City asset by Synty.
  • Beats by Yung Logos


tagged-windows-x64.zip 67 MB
Version 1 65 days ago
tagged-osx.zip 67 MB
Version 1 65 days ago


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if you hold grab while in the air you can hover and get out of bounds

Shhhh ... don't tell anyone ;)

Thanks for playing btw.


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I love the idea of this game. i know it's the first version and im hoping for more but i have seen some things that could be changed. The dash function has unlimited usage and allows you to fly by spamming it. it is also kinda annoying that you cannot grab spray cans while near a lamp post or something. The tutorial (the text on the ground in the game) im pretty sure said that you had to look at one of the green boxes to swing from it but it doesnt let you grab spray cans while near one, even if you're not looing at it. The game is pretty fun though and i like the concept. Great job! =)

Heya Billy,

Thanks for playing and taking the time to write this.

Nice find on the unlimited dash, I used it a bunch for testing and forgot to remove it :P

Totally agree with you on grabbing cans near lamp posts. If I put move love into this, I'd definitely like to make rope swinging and grabbing more intuitive. 

Hope you managed to tag everything !


Thanks. The Rope Gang endorse this video!